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A few Testimony's from some of our customers that has tried the Creech Coal Mining Boots


From: "Rick Karyn Henderson" rkhendersonl@hotmail.com> To: "Kermit Creech" Friday, December 2,2011 4:52 PM Not only are Creech mining boots the most comfortable mining boot I have ever worn, they are built to last. Creech boots are the only mining boot I will buy from now on. Rick Henderson Oxbow Mining LLC...........................

Dear creech-shoes, I had a few questions about your mining boots ... first off - if you guys actually produce these then you do a damn good job. I just got through wearing out my first set and they lasted me an amazing 1 year and 3 months - 4 months of which on the longwall. I thought I'd try out a pair or the new _______ rubber boots - they lasted 3 weeks. I originally bought my first set of creech boots from a Magic Mart store located in Danville, WV. So here I am needing another set of these awesome boots - Do you have a size 10? Since I am only a state over (zip 25114) can I get a discount on shipping? (strapped for cash because of some unrelated issues). I would be willing to buy off-ebay as well to help with the cost Let me know, thanks! JP -studiobuy.....................................................

Dear Creech Shoes:I am very satisifed with the quality of the creech mining boots my name is Charles Lawson I am employed at Blair Coal Phelps Ky. I have had thise boots in some of the worst conditions 6to 8 inches of water and mud in 32 inch coal day after day the boots keep suprising me. Unlike the __________ the sides of these boots do not show any wear like other boots I have wore. The fabric on the toes of this boot has far surpassed the tiger toes. Unlike other boot owners I have talked to the people who make my boots and they understand how to make a boot stand up to the test of crawling around in the coal mines. I would back these boots 100% Can't wait to see your future products.